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Give yourself the vital gift of healing,
renewal, and reconnection with your essence.

Cacao Ceremony:
Miriam offers Cacao Ceremonies during her workshops and or retreats. "Do it from your heart " or private groups sessions. and some of her events.

The Cacao Ceremony is an old traditional healing and sacred ritual that has been used in ancient ceremonies by the South Americans biggest civilizations, Mayas, Incas, Aztecs, and others for thousands  of years. It has an active ingredient in

it called theobromine 100% pure cacao known as

the “Food of the Gods.”  

Miriam combines Cacao with her breathing technique to obtain better levels of consciousness.

Ceremonia de  Madre Cacao

The Sun Ceremony:

Held by Miriam in the Incas Lands, Peru was a deeply spiritual and significant event. It  ritualistic gathering that honored "Inti," the Incan sun god, and celebrated the symbiotic relationship between the sun and earthly life.

This grand event took place at the magnificent Temple of the Sun, known as Coricancha, in the heart of the Incan capital, Cusco. and or well at the Tranquile Island of Lake Titicaca. The ceremony was meticulously planned, with high-ranking priests and nobles presiding over the proceedings.At the time participants would dress in garments adorned with vibrant feathers and precious stones, reflecting the wealth and majesty of the Incan civilization.


As the sun's first rays touched the temple, the crowd would erupt in synchronized chants and prayers, expressing their gratitude for the sun's warmth, light, and life-giving energy. Offerings of food, drink, flowers, and textiles were presented to Inti, symbolizing  belief in the cycles of creation and sustenance.




Miriam, will guide participants through the ceremony, helping individuals connect their heart with their consciousness on a personal level.


Miriam's guidance fosters introspection and spirituality, weaving ancient traditions and teachings into the ceremony. The Sun Ceremony becomes a transformative and meaningful event for each participant, enhancing their experience and ensuring a profound connection with the divine.

Sacred Water Ceremony:


It is the representation of a celebration that reaffirms the importance of water and its different states. Since time immemorial, human beings have carried out ceremonies and dances to attract rain and with it crops, rivers, lakes and life itself.

On the other hand, ceremonies include activities that welcome divine or celestial entities. The participants repeat songs ,mantras or prayers followed by an energy healing. Alone with the sacred water in this ceremony, the 4 winds are invited for cleansing and purify the auras.

Washing Face with Water


The Four Winds Ceremony:


The wind carry whispers of change and transformation. As they traverse the corners of the Earth, they bring with them the essence of renewal and rebirth. In this sacred dance of energies, the reunion of the sacred waters of a mighty river or the majestic cascade of a waterfall becomes a profound symbol of healing and cleansing.


As a healer and a deeply ancient soul reawakened in this lifetime, I embrace my role as a guide and companion on the journey of spiritual growth and personal transformation. Drawing upon the wisdom and knowledge passed down from my existence as an old medicine woman, my mission now is to help others release what no longer serves them, encouraging them to embrace their own path to healing and spiritual rebirth.

4 Wind Ceremony Miriam

Together, we honor the power of water, allowing its gentle flow to wash away stagnation and nourish the seeds of inner potential.

fire ceremony

Sacred Fire Ceremony:
Since time many civilizations of Indigenous peoples have used “Sacred Fires” for well-being, healing and encounters. Fire is a sacred gift from the Creator, and a door of communication with the Spirit world, ancestors and the creation of new path.
After an energetic cleanse of the participants, a bonfire is

lit in a sacred place, generally outdoors or near a sacred water, a river, a lake, or an ocean. The participants gather around the fire and perform different cleansing rituals, such as songs, prayers, meditations, offerings and purifications in contact with The Mamapacha Spirit - Gia. In this way, the fire is asked to take away everything that does not

serve us.

San Pedro or Wuchuma

San Pedro Ceremony: 

San Pedro, often called "Wachuma," is a cactus that’s native to the Andes and known to have been used by pre-Inca civilizations for up to 4,000 years. The active component found in this medicine is mescaline, and the nature or personality of this plant is perceived by many as the masculine grandfather spirit. It is often depicted as having the spirit of the hummingbird.

Used to help perceive our self-created barriers and limitations, this medicine greatly aids in opening and connecting with our hearts. Each ceremony is a meeting with ourselves, Mother Earth, and the Divine, serving as a medicinal mirror to help us see where we hold onto self- limiting beliefs and patterns in our lives, gently guiding us to release what no longer serves us. 


For each of Miriam's Activation Ceremonies and Plant Medicine, you will get instructions

   with a specific diet privately via e-mail one or two weeks before the Journey

it is your absolute responsibility and decision to follow to get the best results. 

Please read carefully the DISCLAIMER for each Spiritual Retreat

    (available only when you register for the journey)

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