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"Miriam is a teacher and a healer in the pure sense. Miriam has developed therapeutic techniques that allow her to connect with the spiritual processes that support and sustain the physical body. She heals through engaging these processes directly. I’ve come to experience the reality through working with Miriam that my physical ailments (aches and pains) are the result of an underlying emotional and spiritual foundation that expresses itself physically through my body. This is the most valuable gift my work with Miriam has brought me because it brings lasting healing."

-Matt Kenyon  

Google Review

"A change encounter with Miriam become a profound life-changing  experience for me. After three healing and coaching sessions with her, my life improve unexpectedly. Now I am happier, better focused, and appreciative of who I am. I realized what was important and not to focus on negative energies holding me back. My business is improving, and I am not stress out anymore.


I just like we have professionals for many aspects of our life, we all need Miriam for a periodical spiritual rejuvenation. We often want to help loved ones and friends, but we don't know how. Now we do, and they will be grateful for your referral to Miriam."

-Jack Metchikian.  

August 17th, 2023

"I don't often write reviews, and this would be the first. My life was drama after drama until now. I had many sleepless nights, I could not stop wondering how, what, and when the story of my life will unfolds. I am not going to get into personal details.


I want you to know that Miriam Huizenga is a real healer and I highly recommend her to anyone that needs guidances and healings. You will feel her divine energy well-deserved. Miriam have the most beautiful heart of all.

I have seen many professional that only took my money, time and honor, and I have grown tired of it. I want to be around her all the time with Miriam. Talking to Miriam feels like talking to the mom I don’t have. Thank you for your Love and kindness that it made a huge impact on my heath over all."

-Andrea E.  

August 16, 2023 Nebraska USA

"Thank you for the gift of joy back into my life Miriam, you are a miracle light-worker. I cannot recommend highly enough and will always be grateful for my experience. It was so powerful, makes me a believer. I continue feeling the energy through my body now."

-Nick Martinez

November 20,2022 Telegram.  

"Dear Miriam,

Thank you for offering one free healing session. The healing we received was more profound than I could have imagine. We are forever thankfull for sending it.

You earned our deepest respect."

-Arturo Hunds & Luz.  

2023 3.14 - Telegram

"Dear Miriam,

We are extremely grateful to you dear Miriam. I know what I’ve experienced was amazing in your weeks programs.  I’ve been seening to many professional’s, doctors and received few answers and not relief. You energy, your kind heart, your voice it is out of this world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We love you..."

-Analia Perez & Family

Telegram Review

"Dear Miriam,

Miriam was great at listening to my situation and providing solutions that will give me ongoing pain relief. Wish I had reached out to her sooner!"

-Michelle Eib-Cunningham  

Google Review 

"Miriam is a beautiful soul that eminates peace and love. A bright light that you will want to be connected with."

-Kathy Levyn

Google Review

"Hi Miriam,

My father is far more active now, he's gone fishing a couple of times, which he loves and hasn't been able to do this year at all. His energy levels are high throughout the day and he doesn't sleep during the day any more. He's also much happier too and loving life. Thanks so much for everything you did, he's really much better."

-Claire B.

November 22, 2021 • Telegram Review

"Miriam, did a healing on me.  For a very long time my elimination system only works when I take somethings..  Then the bowels will move. Miriam suggested I begin to take Omega3, magnesium, turmeric and dig dandelion root and it which I am doing.

While she was doing her magic with Star Magic, I felt the energy moving through my intestines.

My bowels have started to move everyday on there own not a lot but still eliminating.  That has never happened in my life.  I am thrilled that this is happening.  Miram saw that towards the bottom the intestines were very small around.  That is the large and should be big.  I have a knowness thatl since they are beginning to work they will return to there natural blueprint.

I find it exciting, I  am very grateful to Miram. Many healers have worked on this issue with zero results. This is truly Star Magic delivered through Miram. Thank you so much Miram. I am ever so grateful."

-Diana Howell

"I have had th highest honor of experiencing the strength, love and healing powers of Miriam. I highly recommend any opportunity you can encounter with Miriam . I experienced more restful sleep than

I have had in a very long time. Within a day I felt I was healing from the healing gift of Miriam. Her love and kindness is there for you. I would gratefully receive her healing help whenever possible. She can pass her wisdom to you. I feel blessed to know her. I am thankful.💜🙏🏻"

-Patricia Lamoureaux

Facebook Review

"Miriam has a lovely voice that carries the energy.   She was very through in setting up the energy in the beginning it flowed and came together. She went through the portal out into the light doing a beautiful journey in the light, lovely colors I mainly remember the turquoise it felt good floating along in this light and being bathed by it. She came back through the portal, gently and lovingly into my body.

Loved it."

-Diana Howell 2021

Telegram Review

"The frequency of the healing meditation was one of love and care which carried through from   near  enough the start of the meditation and throughout. The bringing in of the light into the room was described differently having the effect of being showered in the light from above which was carrie  through to being bathed in healing waters in the activation part of the meditation.

 Amazing descriptions of activations my heart loved it from start to finish. A great experience.!!

     Thank you Miriam."

-Darren Warren

Telegram Review

"Wow!! What an amazing soul and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to connect with you. You brought    me out of this deep hole of misery I was in just in one session. Can’t wait for the next session and to  meet you in person soon.God bless you 🙏❤️"

-Taiba Amiri

Facebook Review

"I feel great, I just came back from a 9 hour day and I was telling my husband how good I feel even at the end of my day. I have a knee replacement. And has been hurting lately today it was amazing. than

     Thank you Miriam. 

-Mirna C.  

"I always feel clearer and better after a healing session with Miriam. For example today I felt beautiful inside my body after our session."

-Ed Harris

Facebook Review

"To whom it may concern. Miriam puts her whole heart into her healings. She truly cares about other beings and their upliftment. Just want to add that Miriam has helped me overcome several addictions. Marijuana, alcohol and coffee (I drank coffee every day for 20 years!). It took several sessions and she did not give up on me. I have tried many other avenues to let these things go but the cravings always pulled me back in. Her healings have reduced the cravings to almost nonexistent and her support of checking on me every day has made a tremendous difference.

Thank you Miriam for everything you have done to help me!"

-Victoria Clay

8/8/2020 Facebook

"I had a energy healing last night I felt so relaxed slept like a baby and I'm feeling great today physically and mentally thank you again love ❣"

-Lesa Roxann Bisplinghoff 

Facebook Review

"Getting closer, can’t wait. You are one of best thing that has happened in my life. You have helped me so much the last few weeks. I can see the light now as I was in a dark hole of uncertainty before. I am getting things done for a change and don’t spend my day laying in bed and looking at the ceiling like I did for the last few years.


I can’t wait to meet you in person. You are my angel and I love you forever. You treated me like a friend and family and not like a customer as others did. Your goal was not money as others were, you sincerely wanted to help me and you did.


I always wondered if there is anyone in this world that wanted to help me other than making money when I reached out to them but no one cared, they didn’t spend one minute extra of their time talking to me because I had only paid for certain block of time but you did. You didn’t leave me because that’s how much the session cost, you stuck around and talked to me till I was ok.You are one of a kind. You are a precious diamond. You are a God sent and I am forever grateful"

-Taiba Amiri

2019 Facebook

"Shortly after the session begins, I started to feel some tingling sensation around my feet, and got stronger up into my ankles, calves, thighs and all the way up to my heard. 


Now, after 24 hrs of my session with Miriam  I'm still feeling energetic, happier and peaceful.  I had back issues all my life. WOW, It is gone, no more back pain. I can't wait for next session. She is an amazing soul and a real healer. 


Thank you so very very much !"

-Maritza B, Arizona USA

"Qué hermosa experiencia Miriam!

Infinitamente agradecidos Lila y yo por este regalo que nos has dado, has abierto nuestra puertas de par en par, sanado viejas heridas en nuestro matrimonio. Gracias desde lo más profundo de nuestros corazones."

-Tito y Lila

"Hi Miriam,

                    Thanks for the call and all the great work you are doing with and for me.

As we discussed my right hand seems to be improving- the fingers are straightening out. I have some swelling and a skin rash which I think is detoxifying- it is along my lymphatic area of my shoulders, arms and ankles. My neck pain is much improved and I am working with range of motion for my shoulders which also seems to help my hands- more movement.  Bless you for all you do.

-Regina Berman

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