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 "Heartfelt Healing: Transforming Live by Opening Hearts ,
     Heal you inner  Child and Spreading Seed Of Kindness"
                                              -Miriam Huizenga

About Miriam

About Me


Transforming Live by Opening Hearts and Spreading Seed Of Kindness

Let me introduce you to the extraordinary: Miriam Huizenga - a true beacon of compassion for healing and genuine desire to help  others from a young age. Miriam drive by deep sense of purpose, knowing that her destiny involved making a difference in people's lives.


With a profound belief in the inherent Love within all living beings she has dedicated herself to harnessing the power of energy field and Bio-Geometrics-Science, utilizing shapes, patterns, and codes to bring equilibrium and harmony to our physical bodies.

Miriam unique approaches to healing encompass the use of her frequency light, the melody sound of her voice, and her captivating art: soul-painting. She facilitates transformative healing experiences that go beyond the realm of traditional methods.


In addition to her remarkable healing abilities, Miriam is a gifted Spanish author, a devoted, wife, daughter, sister and a loving mother to her four-legged son. She has garnered over 28 years of experience as an Academic Advisor the high school setting and as a Spanish language teacher, imparting knowledge and shaping young minds.

Having triumphed over cancer herself, Miriam has a deeply understands the profound impact life journeyman have none's appreciation for existence. She recognizes the importance of extending a healing hand to others. guiding them to see the world's true beauty.

While her beloved four-legged companion, Choco, may have crossed over the "Rainbow Bridge" Miriam cherishes the everlasting presence of her furry angel, who continues to provide support and love from the spiritual realm. And now, her family has been graced by the present of Milo, a sweet six-year-old dog who recently joined their loving family.

Miriam's connection with the spiritual world began at early age, effortlessly conversing with plants, and animals and speaking the language of light, even before she fully understood its significance. Her belief thatch experience is a lesson on our unique journey enables her to guide others through the process of acceptance and grow.

By embracing Miriam's energy, you open yourself to a world of increased love and rejuvenation. The power that resides within you is brought to the forefront, lighting your path of personal transformation.

Miriam stands as a bright between the natural and divine realms and has the ability to hold the light in the darkness places because of her remarcable ability to perceive insights, before they unfold in time. It switch open arms and warm heart that she invites you to reach out and discover more about her remarkable gifts and services.

Don't hesitate to stay in contact with Miriam and embark a journey that will broaden your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

 Self-care and prioritizing your health are always wise investments.

Bring your life into alignment with your highest purpose Unlock your true potential with Miriam, a Master of Energy Healing.

Step into a realm of unlimited potential

Dissolve pain, stress and restore energy and vitality

Release old traumas, doubts, and limitations

Overcome anxiety, anger, and depression

Conquer issues such as insomnia and sleep disturbances

Balance your feelings and emotions

Connecting with your roots

Relax and calm your mind and body

Boost creativity and productivity

Assist in healing various health conditions by balancing the body's energy field system

Learn to open your sacred heart

"To dive into collective consciousness, we must journey into our sacred wounds and experience the collective pain of our species."

- Miriam Huizenga -

Healing Services

Welcome to a sanctuary of holistic well-being at Seed of Kindness, LLC. Miriam Huizenga, a Master of Energy Healing, leads our Healing Services with a personalized touch.

Upcoming Events

Join us in experiencing the boundless potential residing within you and connect with a community dedicated to spiritual harmony and well-being.

Sacred Ceremonies

Immerse yourself in these transformative experiences, connecting with the divine, honoring Mother Earth, and embracing the power of ritual on your spiritual journey.

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