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             Light Code Ascension Workshop 

    Madre Dolorosa Passionist Retreat Center   

                               June 19th, 2021

 In beautiful Sierra Madre, California with Miriam​ Learning to heal your self and Healing Meditations. Let it go of the old emotions  trauma, feeling fresh and happier.


We drove deep into your soul-level, and embrace the profound personal healing, wast an opportunity to find lasting freedom moving toward your heart’s desires.​



                  "Do it from your heart"                       IN PERSON

     Healing Mediations & Cacao Ceremony.



         "Healing from Egypt"          

  Self- Transformation

​                    12th-26th March 2022

             Light Code Ascension Retreat



Guided by Egyptian Archeologist during  the visit of different sites. Receiving extraordinary healings energies from the sacred waters of Nile River, to all the most energetic archeological sites, pyramids, temples, ruins, and much more.  


Miriam's dream that came true and awakened more than she was expected together with her husband Bob and her spiritual family.



                             Journey Within

                                Oct. 2022 


     With an Andean Medicine Man and wisdom keeper. "MAESTRO" Who leaded  side by side together  with Miriam our Sacred Ceremonies 


On this journey we learned traditional teachings, healing energy work, including ancestral medicine, respect and worship Pachamama- Gia ,"participate in ceremonies Mamapacha, Coco leaf, Cacao, Wachuma and Ayahuasca (plant medicine: optional)  


We visited the Sacred Valley, feel the energies of

the Valley and the snow capped peaks of the Andes.

Visited Machu Picchu and other sacred sites.

We stayed with a homestay family on Amantari,

we visited the Tranquil and Isla del Sol on the sacred waters of Lake Titicaca.




         "Sacred Journey from Peru"

A Trip of your Lifetime

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