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Spiritual Cleansing Energy

One Person Spiritual Cleansing and House Cleansing

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 344 US dollars
  • Glendale, CA, USA

Service Description

*Returning clients will maintain the original price. Per person, Miriam will work on his/her Aura Cleansing. Miriam uses Sage, Palo Santo, and or Lavender together with powerful prayers. Spiritual Healer Helps in all Matters of Life. Remove Negative Energy. Reunite Love and Harmony to your home and your mind (price per person) between 1hr -1:15minutes per session. Your Auras Around your physical body, you have a psychic counterpart called the aura. This spiritual energy field extends a few inches away from your physical and glows with many different colors, shapes and patterns. Within your own aura, there are many psychic centers, known as chakras. Chakras are floodgates that allow energy to flow into and out of your body. Some individuals call them “ the power vortices”, because is basically a description of what they actually looks like for many clairvoyant visions. In the spiritual healing world, a healer or energy facilitator moves or radiates the energy from the chakras in the palms of their hands, (the Chi) into certain chakras to the body of the patient, witch brings balance and harmony, instantaneously creating light in many directions of the person life. *Prices could vary depending on the house size. If you book 2-3 weeds in advance you will get a discount Studio: $344 2 - 3 bedroom house $444 dollars 4 - 6 bedroom house $644 dollars 7- 9 bedroom house $844 dollars 10 or more then 10 bedrooms $1100 dollars and up Gardens, attics, and basements will be extra charge from $300 to $1000 dollars extra additional. Don't hesitate to contact Miriam, she will evaluate your house or place with a simple phone call.

Contact Details

  • 1(818)541-1411

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