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About Miriam


Ever since she was a little girl, she knew she

was meant to help people in some way.


Miriam believes deeply in the pure love of

all the animals, plants, the universe, and light


She believes in the love and the magic that we

have within, and the power of the energy field,

The Bio-Geometrics Science: shapes, patterns,

codes that introduce equilibrium and harmony

into our physical body.

Miriam uses her frequency light, the sound 

of her voice and her art paintings to facilitate


Miriam is a Spanish Author, wife, and mother of

four legs son, she was an Academic Advisor in

High School level, and a Spanish language

teacher for over 28 years.

As a cancer survivor, Miriam understands the

journey of life appreciation and the necessity to

help others to see the real world.

Choco, her amazing four-legged fur baby, helped

her in the cancer journey and now has crossed

over "The Rainbow Bridge." But, Choco still

accompanies her as a beautiful angel that has

never left her side. Today, Milo, a sweet,

six-year-old dog, has  been recently adopted and

joined her family. 
Miriam learned to connect with the spiritual

world at a very early age. She was talking to

plants and animals, speaking the light language

without knowing.

Miriam believes that we all can learn to

accept the process and understand that each

experience is just a lesson and part of our unique


The power is inside of you forever if you would

accept it. When you carry Miriams energy you automatically have more love in your life and a

process of rejuvenation begins to light your path! 


Miriam is a Bridges between realms natural and

divine, she have the ability to know thing before

 you know who you know.


Feel free to contact Miriam, to learn more. 

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