Image by Jeremy Thomas


     Since Miriam was a little girl, she knew she was meant
   to help people in some way. She believe in the love and the
   magic that we all have within and the power of the energy of        Biogeometry science: shapes, patterns, codes that introduce         equilibrium and harmony into our phiscical body. Miriam uses       her own frequency the sound of her voice to facilite healings.        as well many othe tallents such art paintings.
    Miriam is an Spanish Author, wife and she a Spanish language    teacher for more then 25 years. As a cancer survivor    
    Miriam understands the journey of life appreciation. Choco
   her amazing four legged fur baby helped her in the cancer             journey and now has crossed over
   "The Rainbow Bridge". But, Choco still accompanies her as a
    beautiful angel that has never left her side.
   Miriam learned to conect with the spiritual world since
    very early age, her biggest conections are the fallowing:   
   Mamapacha(Gia), Holy Spirit, Isis, Ra, Archangel, Holy Mary,
   Jesus, Quan Yin, San Geramain and many others D ivine and         Celestial beings. Miriam believes that we all can learn to accept   the process and understand that each experience it's just part    of our journy.Miriam life joy is serving  and sharing her    unconditional love  and knowledge with others.