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Sacred Soul Gathering

"A profound and transformative experience designed to connect and uplift your spirit"

  • 1 hour
  • 555 US dollars
  • Seed Of Kindness, LLC

Service Description

Welcome to the Sacred Soul Gathering, a profound and transformative experience designed to connect and uplift your spirit. This gathering is dedicated to bringing together a friend's seeking spiritual healing and harmony within the comfort of their own homes, Indulge in a 1-hour group healing session with a maximum of 4-5 persons, priced at $555 dollars. Each additional person can join the session for an extra $122 dollars per person addded, allowing everyone to partake in the collective energy and nurturing atmosphere. Through sacred practices, we focus on balancing your chakras and inviting profound harmony into your life. For those seeking individual attention, an option for extended one-on-one time with Miriam is available. We kindly suggest a cash donation for the additional moments of spiritual guidance and support. To enhance the sacredness of the gathering, you also have the opportunity to incorporate ceremonial rituals such as the "flower ceremony" or others ceremonies is optional. These unique ceremonies hold the power to expand awareness and deepen connections. You can find more information about these ceremonies on the dedicated page of our website. Embrace this sacred journey of self-discovery and spiritual nourishment by joining the Sacred Soul Gathering. Together, let's create an extraordinary space for healing, transformation, and celebration of the soul. "Guided by the universal language of love, our SacredSoul Gathering transcends age and gender, fostering a harmonious space where souls of all backgrounds comes together to discover the transformative power of love within themselves" Book your session now and embark on a" soulful odyssey within." We can adjust any details according to your preferences and the specific services for estra charge Contact Miriam on her page or call directly,

Contact Details

  • 1(818)541-1411

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