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You've been chosen!

We are here for a reason bigger than you are able to imagen. I am sure your read or heard this

phrase " You have been chosen" I am here because I chose to be here on Earth on this

magnificent time to help humanity evolve.

If you truly belive in the Spirits, Sources, God or your power the best are still to come. We are

navegating into the most difficuls time on Earth, emotionally mentaly and some physical issues


we are just letting go what not longer serves us any more...

The truth is that we are here to heal and remmber from our core our purpose and forget all that

we learn from our societies, and all Eath systems that control our minds and keeps us limited

from our disires.

We need to readjusting our internal world so our own sun will shine ones again and

those system will collapse for good all again. My heart desire is to one day meet all of you in

person here on Earth. For this become truth we need to let go of fear or walk with and learn

from it.

Always with love and gratitud


Picture: Octure 2022 "Healing Tour to Peru"


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