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You Attract Who You Are

If you want love be lovely, if you want respect be respectful, if you want friends, be friendly, if you want kindness be kind. all is a mirror of our own image.

We attract peolple, materail things, and all we need with just a thought, a simple word.

In order to attact people that undertand us in a deep level, that truly want us to be succesfull in all the area of our life, and who are happy for our abundance and happiness. we need to work on ourselves first.

All begins by respecting ourself., and that means you are proud of who you are, and the most important is thatt you accept your flaws and your imperfections first.

Then you will attract all the magic you want. How we can expect love and respect from others if we dont do it for ourselve?

Begin by forgiving yourself for the mistakes you did on the past. Wash the past as you take care

properly, Self-care and maintaining your physical, mental well-being and spiritual through self-care practices is one of the most impotant step you can do for YOU.

It is important to stop talking of the past, so new door will open for youpresent. Talking about the past will keep you stock there.

Build hight expectation on how your want to be treated it by others. Accept, undertand and walk away from some types of peolple, those that are manipulating you,, misstraeting and disrespect you.

Remmenber that you are not a robot, you are not perfect, and accept that you may make mistakes here and there and think the is an opportunity for you to learn form it by surrender to that moment in time.

Surended your self with positive souls, individous that care, that makes you feel good and sometimes unacoftable when they telling you the truth, beacuse thuth hurts. Surend yourself with the people that motivates you and are there for you when you need to talk to someone or just share your acomplesmnets.

You must love yourself unconditionality, every part of you is just "perfect the way it is", your body your person, even the imperfection is perfect. just beacuse makes up the amazing person that you are today.

Everyone deserves kindness, care and respect so dole out what due. If you need extra support I am here for you.

Express how you feel when you are hurt is the first spet to heal and move on ..The people that matter will care about your emotions, and if you feel they dont just drop those who dont.

We attract peolple, materail things, and all we need with just a thought, aor a simple wrd.rd.d.


Always with love and gratitude



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