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The Sacred "Pineal Gland"Activation

pineal gland
pineal gland

The problem with the sacred "Pineal Gland" is the big accumulation of crystals and calcification produced by excessive consumption of sugars and the collection of fluoride.

Over the years, phosphate crystals form, and the gland hardens. Atrophying begins to set, leading to less melatonin production. This is the reason why sleep cycles are altered with old age. Of course, if the person starts a clean, fresh diet without sugars, alcohol, coffee, and junk food, everything changes in less than 6 months for good.

The sleeping patterns change, the crystals (pollutants) move out of the physical temple, and the pineal gland reverts to normal. Returning to normal without the above mentioned pollutants, a person may experience changes in their perception, consciousness, energy levels, and regular sleeping patterns.

People may feel more intuitive and connected to the natural world around them. Some people have a heightened sense of awareness or "see" beyond the physical world and body. The third eye opens, and the spiritual realms show you more than you can imagine. But all that was yours before pollutants suppressed The Sacred "Pineal Gland".

Feel free to ask Miriam about the pineal gland activation. When you open your heart, all begins to heal, and "the sacred pineal gland" shows you the natural world and the secrets within.

Always with love and gratitude


pineal gland activation


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