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The Heart Messages

When we learned to recognize that our own heart speaks constantly to us,

we make a jump leap of trusting and the message given by the heart

beacome the best step of your terrenal life.

It is when your heart feel and connect you with your consciousness...

a real purpuse of your human life. ... in that moment times stops, and everything in paralysies for you to feel the light...

You begin to feel your blood floowing in your veins, your heart bit dancing in each organ

you feel each cell talking with each others like a big happy family and you jump out freely you see small sparkles of light and become a multidimentional being.

You become the real "YOU "my friend.

I called this as the transition from just breathing -living through the realm of the heart

You see the real world and feel it all in one.

The light shines, on you own sun dances to the vibration of the universe,

the frequencia of the creator with your human mind celebrating with the stars, it is then when you are ready to create and fly free like a bird in the skies.

Always with love and gratitude



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