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Tap Into Your Energy

How To Tap Into the Power of the Source?

We all have the seed within us. You just need to tap into your heart center, your sun light,

and cultivate a connection with the source, so you will be able to heal yourself and others.

The source es the Universe, the love we all feel within, when you love youlrself , respect your

self the gift will open and you will be able to do magic.

By hugging yourself for more than 5 minutes you can heal yourself, and others.

By bringing the Universe purest white light and lilght your body with, you will be able to heal


By eating healthy, fresh, drinking pleanty of water you will heal yourself.

By walking in nature Mother Earth, and by hugging a tree he would heal you.

By learn to smile you will heal yourself and others.

By counting your blessing and be gratufull for all your experiences even the challenging ones

you will heal yourself.

By free your mind you will heal yourself, means NO television, radio or any media

communication, specially your phone, games, chaking messages etc.... may be 1 hr a day,

There are many ways you can bring healing to your life, those are just a few ways.

Always with love and gratitude



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