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Stilness of the moment

Hello, helo beautiful souls!!

I want to nvites you today to discover a part of yourself that is beyond time, space and dimentions to change and becoming the infinite depth of pure being that is always already free from everything that happens in this world...

Think about an intention that truly asking your to conect with your heart consciouness. Where you are able to feel the precuios life, to awake and embody your hieghtes potential to live a life of purpose...

I inviting you to take a moment and close your eyes and let go of any needs, just trust your intention and yourself . Be in the moment in totaly silent and stilness and it is free from everything that happens in our surendings.

Appreciate the silence, wich is pricesless that is the foundation of many doors, where is sleeping our sacred soul and our divine heart. Breathing , deeper, genly and slowly... keep breathing and feel the moment it is untouched and deeply at peace from this noice world ... Practice stillness my friends..

Alwyas with love and gratitude.



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