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Solar eruptions

Solar eruptions occur regularly, but at these time the result is usually something spectacular and we are not in any danger. The solar eruptions that we are experiencing today can affect and advance your process of awaking your consciousness.

Remember that everything is in your mind and your limitations, try to be calm, take deep breath in your heart and let go of what you feel. Avoid the media, television, radio and others media platform's that are negative and controlling. You are in control the rest is an illusion.

If you are calm you may feel calmer, but if you are nervous you may be more nervous or upset.

If you meditate you will meditate even more than usually. If you are negative you will be even more negative.

You are in control, do not create limitations. Leave the past in your time behind. Control your felling and your emotions in the way you react, you create you limitations. "I know how divine you are" s a being of divine light. "I see you, we are one"

Always with love and gratitude,



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