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She was ... she is ... she will be ...

We all grow, morph and change. We never stay the same, we are evolving constantly. We can look back at our life and we will see all the changes in diffeten levels and times we’ve let go of something and we started over and over again and again something new, is a none endding process.

We all used to do somegthing that we are not doing anymore. I used to run early in the mornings. I used to eat sweets . I used to drink coffee, I used to complain everyday...

Currently, I’m looking at differenty thing to do. but, there is one simple question to being

Do I want to keep doing this?

We get to change our minds constantly in a regular basics. We decide who we are and what our stories will be. We are the writers of our Life game.

As we are walking together our" Life journey", our path where we discover may be who we ar ion this klife time.

We become different person along the way by age, space, time, and different circunstances and all helpping to mold us and beacome the best possible version of yourself.

We pick up hobbies and we are constantly moving into a new shape and defined ourselves has morphed out of the picture altogether.

It is part of our nature, we flow like river water from one place to the next, shaping and transforming until the last breath consuming and releasing energy waves in our awaking here on Earth.

Always with love and gratitude



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