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Embracing the Exact Oasis of Pure Love "From Your Heart" workshop

"Love yourself fully in each breath, and watch as the world blossoms in the brilliance of your being. -Miriam Huizenga. In the journey of self-discovery and personal growth, there is a profound realization that occurs when one chooses to love themselves wholeheartedly. It is in this self-love, in each and every moment, that an exquisite transformation takes place, transporting us to the ideal place of pure love.

Within the realm of self-love, the present moment serves as the gateway to experiencing the expanse of unconditional love. It is a state where time ceases to exist, and the boundaries between the inner and outer worlds blur. Like a gentle breeze, the breath becomes a reminder of the interconnectedness that permeates our existence – the moment when the entire world unfurls as it truly is.

Imagine a life where you embrace self-love – where you hold yourself in the highest regard and recognize your inherent worth. In this exact oasis of pure love, you radiate a magnetic energy that captivates beautiful souls. It is a ripple effect, spilling over onto others, creating a tapestry of love and understanding.

When we love ourselves fully, the world becomes a canvas for the expression of our authentic selves, and we attract the beauty and the luminous souls who resonate with our genuine essence. The divine beings we truly are.

Always with love and gratitude

Miriam Huizenga

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