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"Sacred Journey"

Be the divine you truly are.

Picture of Maestro 2022 "Healing Tour to Peru"

Open your heart and connect with your escences, the power within.

What is your dream ? Many questions to be answer. Many door to be open. Many dream to

awake. Do you want more out of life? Do you think this is all that it is?

How to get from where you are now to where you really need to be? "Your mission"

How to find the confidence to take action and ejoy life on Earth?

How to stop settling for ‘ just good’ when you really long for extraordinary expereinces?

Are you ready to live life with more joy, enthusiasm, abundance and get clear on what you want

it’s time to to see the real youand the wonder of this world we called it Earth… She is alive, do

you want to feel it?

Joing us to our new Sacred journey an spiritual journey with and with the amazing Medicne Man

in Peru this upcoming new event 2023

Breathe in deeply. slowly and longer, Put both of your feet firmly on Mother Earth.

Feel this sacred land this sacred space.

Close your eyes. Visualize yourselves in the middle of the forest. I will take it to the forest of the

Amazon with lush vegetation, beautiful trees, jaguars, parakeets, owls, eagles, butterflies,

beautiful animals surrounding your sacred space. The sacred Mother Earth, the sacred

Pachamama is blessing you and me.

Always with love and gratitude Miriam


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