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Protect yourself from energies

There are ways to protect your own energy from others : persons, plant, object and enteties or

other beings.

Breathing take break here on there from others, set limits time.

Take control of your schedule and be firm with the your time for yourself,

Remmber you are first. That is not selfishness is self -love self- respect..

It is extremely important to pay attention to your fellings and emotions. Recongizing and

understand what drains your energy it is an important skill to develop...

Open vindow and door, invite the fresh air in and good energy will flow.

Order your space, keep it organize and clean. Cleanse and purify your home, workplace, and

other spaces using sacred plants such as:

Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavander, Salvia, Ruda, Sage and or Palo Santo and those are just a few.

You will be able to create an environment of clarity and harmony in your spaces and bring joy

'into your life.

Each plant has its own properties that help to purifying your spaces, for example:

Eucalyptus cleanses germs and negative energy, Rosemary purifies deeply,

Lavander invits divine assitance and cleansing, Sage connects us with divinity realm

and Rude or Ruda Macho cleanses, protects and heals.

It is important to raise your awareness and release blockages in your personal situations, house

or other places can be distroy your life and the love ones.

Protecting you from emotional illnesses, caused by negative thoughts or a negative

environment. Plant will create a space of clarity your self-esteem will grow and free your mind

ourself from bad habits, purifying your physical space and your inner space.

Always with love and gratitud



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