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Peal the onion

Have you visualized that human beings are similar to onions? You will say how crazy this sounds...."One layer at a time, to thoroughly understand what's causing all the trouble"

Let me tell you that since you were born and during your growth, you put on layers and more layers due to lack of self-love, guilt, fears, frustrations, disappointments, interpretations and much more.

So, this way you move away from what you really are and from your essence to protect yourself. Remove the capabilities, it is not easy, reconnect with your being and bring out that own light, let your own sun shine that made you come to the world to expand your light. Yes, we came to Earth to be able to remember who we really are.

Do not allow anything or anyone to ever turn off your inner sun I encorage you to live fully, enjoy every moment always in the state of love, which is who we really are

Always with Love and gratitude



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