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Past Lives

Reflections on Past Lives

As an empathic healer, I find immense gratitude in the intricate tapestry of my past lives, each thread weaving a unique narrative that has ultimately forged the essence of who I am today. In the depths of my reflection, I am drawn to explore the profound expanses of time, space, and dimensions that have intersected along my soul's journey. This multidimensional odyssey has gifted me with a boundless understanding of self, enabling me to grasp the interconnectedness of existence and consciousness.

The unique chapters of my past lives have been instrumental in navigating my growth, illuminating the pathways to purpose and fulfillment. Through each era and across diverse planes, I have gleaned profound wisdom, integrating the intricacies of experience and insight into my present being. The echoes of ancient memories have resonated within me, imprinting the canvas of my spirit with intricate imprints that guide me forward.

In embracing the profound depths of this journey, I am reminded of the words of philosopher and author Lobsang Rampa, who astutely noted, "The something that was 'you' existed before this life, and will go on to exist after life has ceased." It is with this profound understanding that I nurture an open heart and a curious mind, eager to continue my journey of discovery across the vast expanse of time and space, honoring the wisdom of my past lives while forging onward with purposeful living.

With Heartfelt Gratitude

Miriam Huizenga

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