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Our mind should be free

In our lives we spend most of our time thinking. Thinking of our place in this earthy world.

We need to take care of your own garden, the garden in your mind and stop planting weeds.

Allow ourself to flourish. Here's a new perspective on the mind and your thoughts...

I am sure you heard someone say “turn off the mind.” it is the beginner’s first meditation lesson

“quieting the mind.” But what does that mean exactly?

What is truly meant by quiet in the mind is silencing the thoughts. Every thought is like a seed,

there are good and bad seeds. It is time to stop planting weeds and be kind to yourself, beacuse

each thought you have is creating your story, your are the writter of your realitiy my friend...

By breathing you clear you mind and "she " -"La mente" (the spanish word for the mind is

a female words ) will be free to bloom. So breath, gently and slowly ,listen to the sounds of

your breath and just

You could focus in let you mind be free insted of your mindset. If you alow your mind to be

crowded with weeds there won't be space for you to quiet your mind and be free.. By quiet in the

mind is "silencing the thoughts".

I am planting Seeds of Kindness... how about you beautiful soul?

Always with love and gratitude



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