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Open your heart and feel

Hello, hello beautiful souls!

  I personally start my day happy and grateful for all the blessings I have received and for those beautiful expereinces that are on the way, and I say everything is better, better and better every day.

  Then, I place my right hand on my heart and feel the warm of its ray of light. Buddha said “The way is not in the sky; The path is in the heart."
Open your haert and feel the love that is within. close your eyes and just listen to the heart bits,the voice within, where all the answers are wating for you.

The quiter you become, the better you will be able to feel, see it and listen to the light and the pure inner voice.

 Be quite, don't move, just contemplete with your eyes open under the ray of the sun during the day time.
  Don't let your mind control you and limited you, insted listen to the inner voice of your heart, which you can trust.

 In it is the consciousness of our creator, his ligh and love speaking directly to you, not the ego that is looking for distraction and recognition.
 If we allow our hearts to guide you, you will find that your path and your destiny become clearer. 
 We lose the burden of the ego and discover the joy of spiritual freedom to fly where ever we want. We are so magical beyond   imagination.
Take time to feel the pure love in the quite of your moment.

Always with love & gratitud,


Miriam Huizenga


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