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No ones realy know you

Do you realize that know ones realy know you? The person that you think as "yourself" existe only for you. Everyone you meet, have a relation with you, works with you, speaks to you... creates a new version of you, in their mind...

There are so many different version of you and me out there in each of us to create expontanesly multiple dimensions and is nothing we can do about it. All is an ilusion nothing is real in this 3D world.

Understand relationships become deeper and more meaningful as you truly cast your preconceptions aside , feeling, seeing and listening in each moment, each person, without past assumptions or any future thoughts it is out of control.

Therefore, never assume you know anyone - not even your very "self" beacuse until we reach the awareness point is not vissible to our human eyes.

My own "self' is different from last year, from a month ago, from yesterday, from an hour ago, even from a minute ago, because I am evolving as I am typing now. No one can truly know you" but, "who are we to expect someone to know us when we can barely know ourselves?

You can choose not to listen to what others say about us, they really know is their own version of you in their mind. Talking is just "mouth noises that hover around you and have no place within you". "To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom ." Ones of Socrates quote. But, what exactly do you know when you “know yourself?” and What could you do with that knowledge? Think about that... BE KIND TO YOUR SELF FIRST

Always with love and gratitude



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