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Miracles happens with Plant Medicine

How miracles happens.? Into the sacred ceremonies;

That's how the powerful medicine of Huachuma and Ayahuasca changed processes that we've

been carrying for many generations.

The plant medicine can reset the information in your cells. They will tell your cells you can no

longer exist in struggle. You can no longer exist in fear or control you. You can no longer exist in

the childhood trauma. You can no longer exist in illness, disequilibrium, unbalance and so on...


This spirit tells your body to reconect, rewired itself. Just before this spirit of the medicine

plants is doing her or his magic, They like to distract, and or they like to delay the process thjat

not longer serves you.

When we work with Apu Huachuma (San Pedro). You will choose a specific whistle

completely personalized to you, are personal codes, the plant medicine wisppers her or his

personalized code so the spirit appears in your sacred space, of the ceremonial place and the

healing begins. I seen miracles and other and in myself.

Always with love and gratitude



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