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Lightworkers or Energy Healers

A lightworker or an energy healer is not perfect, A healier is a person just light you , with

feeeling and emotions. A light worker is someone who have stared into the face of pain and

suffering, and found themselves staring right back.

A healer or lightworker create themselves through all of the adversity, and in the process,help

and inspire other souls to do the same. Healers do not necessarily have to heal others. They heal

themselves and inspire others to do the exact same.

A healer facilities you with guiddens for hyou to move to selt-care. I hearler is a sould you

expereince many life and remembers that pain is part of the past and need to move on.

If you feel pulled toward healing energy service of a different kind, you may had a

death experiences or childhood traumas that set you on the way to a healing journey..

A journey of services to help others to be on the light side.

I am Miiram Huizenga, a lightworker, life wasn't easy roud. The most important thing was that I

never gave up, I was always trying to improve myself to get to where I am today. I drove a

bumpy road and was okay beacuse it was full of lessons. I am happy and grateful for all the

experiences I had and have today in my life that makes my life better m better and better.

This is my story, I am a lightworker. I have light and love to share and help others to do the

some. After all we are here to heal our self and guide others If you feel it pulling you, like a

toward leadership positions that help facilitate and transform others human consciousness and

evolution of the species is provably beacuse you are a healer too..

There are many caracteristic about a healer such as feeling things others don't feel, see

hear, smell and even sense things others don't sense.

It could make it hard for you to be out in public just beacuse you are very sensitive to others

feeling and emotions. Also, you are likely to be a kind of person this sensitivity is a blessing gift.

You feel a sort of spiritual calling to ease the suffering of all humankind, animals, and you are a

nature lover surrender with simple things, hearbs and nautral things such as home made:

healthy and organic food , drinks, soups, candles clothing, instrumnet music ,flowers, plant and

all healthy things with a big the desire to be at your core center lighting with your sun light.the

path of others.

Always with love and gratitud



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