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Just like a flower

We have watched through our centuries as you lived sometimes in pain and suffering as we have been misled by these earth controllers.

We watched and we felt our pain, but we were not allowed to intervene until our final hour.

Now as the vibration of our planet hits new heights, we are free to remove those whose frequency no longer aligns with Mother Earth.

Our planet was all doomed at one point, and all is changing thanks to our efforts, mefitations, visualization, contempletion and good thought this has turned around for our good.

It will again become the planet of love, light and diversity it was created to be by our Creator since the beginning. .

There isa bigger transition going on now. Unti December of this uear 2021 February 2022.

I don't have to tell you this and you know that all is being returned to the state of love ,unity and pure light that it was intended to be from the beginning.

People's suffering will end as with Atlantis and Lemuria, we will rise to become the amazing beings of love shinning our light. Just like a flower we will bloom and enjoy our beautiful Mother Earth again...

After teach storm there is always calm and peace.


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