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Just breath and feel

When we meditate we planta seed. The best time to meditateis very early in the morning between 3:00Am to 4:00 Am.

There are times during the day when you may find yourself distracted, overwhelmed, tired or may stresses, is when you need to re-conect and deal with this unbalanced state by medite. Find a quiet place to sit or standing up and close your eyes. if you could be in nature will keep you grounded. Then, take a few deep breaths gently, longer and slowly.

Put your attention in the core of your chest your heart center and breath normaly until you feel calm and centered. Breath, and feel the freequency expanding throughout your body creating a buble around yourself and just be and feel the energies "that is love"

That will enhances your mind's tendency to return to a restful and alert state the more you use it. A couple of minutes a day would calm down the nervous system, it feels like rested and a state of equilibrium will becomes more automatic if your create a daliy routine.

Discipline is your best medicine. Be still and invite your soul yto shine out your light, the pure white light and breath into it. Father sun is the best light to conect with. Creat a brigde between you and the sun and jjust see and feelwhat happening.

The light is within to connect with everthing and everyone,you are so powerful, practice makes everything better.

Always with love and gratitude



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