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Inner Peace

Black Ellk wrote "Peace will come to the hearts of men when they realize their onneness with the Universe, it is every where"

Perhaps unity is, one of the most important message in Black Elk's legacy, his vision, and it is the result of their family culture and religion.

Their religious beliefs in the connection, and stressed, the relationship between all things as well the bond connected from man, nature, animals and person to person.

Peace will come to our hearts when we become aware of our oneness. the light, our interior sun, and when we are able to be on this state free...where we truly conecting with the Universe.

it is then when you will feel it that we are every and where we alawys be, eternally love frequency..

Think about that... Meditation was my route, the path way that connect me with the Universe and my grandfather walks on his farm. tought me that. Looking at the star with our naked eyes or at home with my telescope. I always love plant and feel their energy, that makes me who I become.

Always with love and gratitude



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