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Breathwork Practice with Miriam

Through the most ancient practice of frequency breathing, we can experience deep feelings of ourselves, find balance in the mind and move through stored emotions and feelings to awaken the divine within us, ground us and heal deep wounds from the past, and this present time and moment.

It is when you breathe that you let go of the old and what no longer serves in this life. and other parallels life too: all is in the power of the intention and the clarity of your mind.

Breathwork opens many doors for you to be a better person and enjoy life and even help you to manage your not so greatful circunstances that we all incounter on Earth.

Try two weeks program with Miriam and your life will change for the better, you just have to be constant and maintain your discipline. if you are ready to bring balance into your life reserve your spot.

Always with Love and gratitude



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