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Blessings Your Path

Let me help you unlock your highest spiritual potential by connecting you with your innate magic intelligence and Divine Feminine. Together we can aling your best path life.

Picture yourself from BE ABLE TO BE YOUR BEST VERSION. Can you sense a difference in energy, soul connection, inspiration, and more?

There is so much that you can see, healing, grace, and energy frequencies for us to gather and channel into beautiful manifestations in our lives and in our 3D world we called it Planet Earth.

If you are wanting to take this step, I honor and encourage you to save a spot for a healing session If your heart is resonating with the potential of my work, then I encourage you to trust your heart and join me in a healing session to open your heart and enjoy your journey here on Mammapacha (Gia).

Check our New upcoming event "Sacred Journey to Peru" October 16th-24th , 2023 is going to be Epic!!

Always with love and gratitude

-Miriam Huizenga

"There is no plan for happiness, It is a choice, you just be" be kind to yourself.


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