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Ayahusca - Spiritual Journey within


In the moment you change your perception, your actitud everything change around you and everyone benefits from it. It time shine your light beautiful souls, come with us to our Upcamoing event a self -care transformational experience in Peru. The kourney will begin in Cusco, Peru to chincheros "Maestro" Master- Medicne Man home town city and will ends in late Titicaca (Island) border between Peru and Bolivia. You will have the oportunity to take the Ayahusca plant medicine and San Pedro or the spirit of those plants,

I personally had the opportunity to experience the Ayahuasca ceremony many times, and it was always impressive, because it always awaken me to a new hidden reality in me.

It is the best gift I have received in my life, come with us to the sacred journey that will help you in many levels and if you are ready you will awaken your consciousness together with light-workers who have received their wisdom from a very early age through their ancestors.

It is about healing old wounds, traumas from childhood and other lives. Purify, release the evils and ailments of your body with the medicinal plant.

Always with love and gratitude

-Miriam -


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