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All drop counts

Each and "every drop counts" that bringing awareness to our 3D world, that "we are one" and every single one of our own actions has a direct impact to all of us, beacuse we are the creators.

We are like the oceans. It’s the unity that gives the ocean beauty, and "it’s the unity that gives the human race beauty". We need to remember that each of us have an esssencial and unique role to play, no matter the color of your skin, language or culture, here on Mother Earth we are human-kind we are one big family a big puzzle of frequency that when it gets together will create magic... We are one, it is the perfect time to be kind...all in the perfect alignment.

I strongle believe that in order to change our world, "we must be the change ourself." We must set the example and lead the way. By been kind with ourself first. Open your heart and feel the love is everywhere, just breath and feeling under our "Father Sun". Only once we have changed because we want for the better we will be able to inspire and help others to change their ways by showing acts of kindness...

Thank you for all of your acts of love "every drop counts".

Always with love and gratitude.



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