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A Simple activity to relief stress

When you engage your senses you are able to relieve stress

Begin with our eyes your sight;

Read a good book with a relaxing music back grownd.

Allow your self to day dream for about ten minutes and alow yourself breathing in and out gentle and slowly.

Evoke good memories may by from an old picture album, your computer photos or perphaf from your story board. (if you don't have an stoy board create one

Painting or photography is pleasant for many individuals...


By smelling plasent aromatherapy oils that we are attracted to we all have differents taste.

Do some baking, you will see that the mixture of some ingredients will be soothing fro moist people.

Enjoy outdoor smells in nuture or may be your garden or a park

Going to the beach and smelling the ocean is very relaxing for the majority of us.

Of course, the inviting smell of fresh brewed coffee or herbal tea.


At the ocean enjoy listening to the sounds of the waves splashing against the sand, leaves rustling, and the birds making their awesome sounds.

Listening to music of your choice.

Listing to the bit of your heart with your eyes closed.

Listening to your favorite music, close your eyes and hear the tones of the music with your heart.


Exercise your body "balance, move and feel" it by touching and thanks each part of your body.

Massage your pets: your dog, cat. or someone you love.. and the key is to feel it so your body and mind will relax...

Squeeze a stress ball or bubble plastic pop....

Hug a tree, close your eyes embracing the tree and feel the feeling that it gives to you.

Wear a soft clothes, close your eyes and feel the softness on your skin.

Play a musical instrument and feel the notes vibrating creating ripples of sounds into your magical body..

Give yourself the gift of a relaxing massage, no time for that, put your feet into warm or cold water.

Go for a walk barefoot on your garden or inside your home: feel your feet each step on the floor.

Write a note and send it with your intention so you will touch your soul...


Eat something sweet "chocolate, a cookie and laugh...

Use deep breating exercises and taste your saliva...

Reapeat affirmations out loud tasting each word you are saying such as " I am at peace, I am incontrol, I am love"

Eat your favorit dish...

There are two others senses so important as the five we all know .

"balance" the vestibular senses and "movement" the balance

Don't forget to be gratfull, beacuse ,your stress is talking to you, is teaching you a lesson and only you know what it is ... All will pass nothing is eternal, only our soul and the love within is eternal.

Always with love and gratitude.~



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