Seed of Kindness 

Virtual, Phone call - Remote or In person Healings

We  offers healings and weekends workshops and Events

Distance healings use vibrational energies that can take place anywhere in the world. Miriam will be sending energy via thought, and intention. Since energy healing travels through time and space is the best way to receive healing today.  

In person healings please contact me by sending a note on the page contact to see if am available in your area.


Payment is through Paypal,  As soon as I receive your payment confirmation, I will  give you options  schedule for your appointment.


Please reply to my email with the following: Your full name (first name, if you have middle name and last name or names) your day of birth, place of birth, where do you live now,  your phone number, your e -mail and a present picture where I can see your  eyes " the window to your soul." 


For "Soul Healing Paintings"  filled with your life desire, or she will contact your highest-self. Please text Miriam on "Contact Page "for more information.

Miriam now offers healing-retreat tours.  Check our upcoming events page


By Miriam

Miriam paint beautiful paintings filled with your life's desires.

Tell me what your life desire/intention is and I will paint a one of a kind picture that is just for you.

About the desires and dreams you are choosing to gave in your life
They are infused with the energy of your dreams and desires.
which radiates out into your home.

Continually sending you the energy of your dreams and desires.
Speaking to your heart and subconscious, it is like saying an affirmation over and over. Drawing the energy of your dreams and desires to you.
which creates connections to people, places and things.
The universe, God is creating the synchronicities and opportunities for your dreams and desires to occur. I am looking forward to working with you designing the life you are choosing to live.

Please send me a text in contact page for more info. Thank you




1hr.$ 177.00 dollars distance healings

 Healing therapy will help your energy to flow easily and amplify life-force energy, or Chi.

  • It combines various breathing & energy awareness exercises  

  • Release old feelings & emotions.

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, old patters

  • Chakra balance, leg go the old traumas.


Miriam will be facilitating alignments at distance.

Means just relax in the comfort of your home.


She will work with her pure  energy and sacred codes. 

You may need a 2nd appointment ​




1 hr.$ 211.00 in person- per person

Miriam will drive to your place

or in her studio CA. 90027

Only by appointment schedule by Miriam

Reiki Treatment




1 hr. per session. $122.00 dollars

Remote  Reiki Healing 


Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing Reiki


This technique was founded by Master Mikao Usui

in the early 1920's.Usui was a lifelong spiritual

aspirant, a lay monk.


Miriam is a  Reiki Master Reiki Teacher

Means she is able to teach and certify you.

in 3 different levels.


This healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the

patient by means of touch, to activating he natural healing processes of the patient's body restoring physical & emotional well-being.



1 session $ 177 dollars

Please send me via contact a text to see

if I am available in your area or call me. 

White Sand and Stone



20 minutes per session $333.00 dollars via internet

Facebook- Skype- Zoon 


10 sessions of 20 minutes each

Schedule within a months only by Miriam 

 Remote only Monday to Friday


Schedule within 2 weeks by Miriam only in 1 payment only,  prior to the start scheduled day.

  • Miriam will facilitate guidance for your personal healing here energy helps to purify, and detoxify your body and mind.

  • Removing the energy blockages.

  • Released  fear that are stored in the body.

  •  Feel fresh, helping you to break old patterns, energy chakras flow.

  • Some people may feel achy or tired at times leading up to the session. This is normal and helpful in the healing process.

  • Other individuos  feeling unusually tired from the session and this is a sign that the mind and body is using a lot of energy for healing, restore and detoxification.   

  • Relaxation techniques:  breathing and exercices for you to practice at home, and be able to create space and deal with life challenge effectively.


All is an internal work and practice