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Kundalini Fire - Awaking Your Soul

Miriam Breathwork Session : In Person Only

  • 2 hr
  • 369 US dollars
  • Seed Of Kindness, LLC

Service Description

Miriam's breath-work technique is about to letting go of what no longer serves you, this technique will open new door of opportunies Let go of the stagnant energy holding you back and teach you how to attract positive energy meant for you. Love and light are yours, but you must open your heart. When your body is in balance with your heart and consciousness, all pieces of the master puzzle get together to show you what love is. I won't lie, It not easy, but it is worth it. The pure love within, the rise of "Kundalini Energy" or The Serpent Fire " it is an ancient approach, as it makes its way up the spinal canal, which resemble a pair of intertwining snakes, ready to connect us to our essence, an awaken part of our brain and nervous system that is denied in this 3D human reality we live in. It is an intense spiritual breathwork that will change your life forever. This breathwork technique will help you with your well-being and invite peace and love from your sacred heart. Now is the time of your soul's awakening. Kundalini Rise will brings great insight opening up a new desire for sudden and unexpected change in a person's behavior and or lifestyle. When process starts, there is no going back. Are you ready? We do not encounter this transformation until we dare truly ready. But, when we are ready, it makes sense to our sleepy minds and begin see beyond the Veil. Feel free to ask Miriam for more details about the session.

Contact Details

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