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Learn To Open Your Sacred Heart

Do it from your heart

  • 1 hour
  • 177 US dollars
  • In Person or Online

Service Description

Live conscious with an open heart, you may need several session guide by Miriam step by step into the magic of pure love our magnificent heart. To open your heart all depend on two thing the level of satisfaction in this material world and secondly the way you relate with others. Don't forget that our body is a temple, a sacred place where our soul lives and our heart bits. Nutrients are a extremely important part of your daily practice. There are different levels of consciousness and the dedication, persistent and practice you put into place a big part.. You want your heart be open and connected with your consciousness in a way that will be easily, painfulness, effortless . Miriam will create a safe space and guide you step by step, with breathing techniques and her frequency to the state of pure gratitude and love. It is the unique state of appreciation and gratitude. To enjoy life in a more relaxed open-mind , curious and compassionate. Were there is not judgmental, self critical or anxiety. It is a peaceful way to move on Mother Earth who will participate on your journey. We are limitless beings here in our Sacred Earth-Mamapacha together trying to remember. For more info contact Miriam in her Contact page. You may need several session. *Please feel free to ask Miriam for a packet discount. 4 sessions

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