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Sugars and sweeteners low vibration food

After a session this past Friday, I decided to write about sugar.

low vibration food
Low vibration food

We are love ice cream, cakes, candies, breads, honey, jams and many others sweet that we grow up with, but unfortunately are very "low vibrational food" to consume. Simple sugars, also called monosaccharides, include glucose, fructose, and galactose., name that are hidden in all product we consume in American diet, a very sad reality.

The real truth is that the excess of sugar consumption not only lead to bad heath, but push you away from enjoy life and be independent. Diabetes diagnosis is one of the biggest issue here in America. The risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, hight colesterol, cancers, chronic inflammation, and kidney, liver disease is higher here in America than other countries around the world..

A diet high in sugar can cause you to gain weight, feel join pain and even stop for doing what you love, practicing a sport or simple getting together with your family and friends. A balance diet have no sugar or sweetness that are worse than the real sugar.

"Eat all the color of the rainbow", will keep the doctor away. Fruits and vegetables are natural healings energies that our body needs. Eat fresh, organic, and enjoy fruits, vegetables and nuts. Cooking at home and eating all colors of the rainbow will create a perfect balance. You will gain good nutrients and the different types of antioxidants that your physical needs. A good balance diet will provide you with a relaxing mood, energy and great resting night.

Have you ever check the label of what you buy, consumen? the serving size, the calories, the nutrition value, saturates fat, added sugars or other names use for and the sodium percentage.

Just my two cents, I am not a doctor, but I am a cancer surviver and I learn to cook sweet with no sugar, or gluten. I learned to love myself and I want everyone to enjoy life on Earth.

Please take care of you temple your divine body.

Always with love and gratitud



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