Miriam Monthly Healing Program

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel . This last year 2020 and now 2021 with the pandemic, with Covid 19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths looks like all is declining in many areas.

Unfortunately, the lockdowns have caused much suffering for many affecting all huiman kind.

The stress has caused individuos into the use of drugs, alcohol, and many other addictions as escape from the isolation, anxiety, and pain and the realety we are living today.

The energy care, hospital , volunter centers and proffesionals helped millions of individuos to heal their pain, illness and even addictions. Such as alcohol abuse, drug, smoking, food adictions, and otherissues and addictions by enrolling in the monthly healing program.

I will be working on different levels such as mental, emotional, and spiritual. So, while you are healing your illness, the energy also helps rid you of any addiction or stoke emotions you may have.

I am also offert Ceremonies and Healing Meditation please check Serveces and Events.