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Foster the 氣 Qi (Ch'i)

Develope your light force take practice, discipline and you need to know that we all have it within, it was seeded it by our creator to every being.

When we can see and feel all the love, we must share so other can see the path and be able to receive the blessing that brings pure light and we all posses.

No many people take the time to develop the light within, but they need to know that when you find it, inner peace will shine everywhere you go.... As you take the first breath you allow the inocent and purety you were born with to fill you.

We are all beings of love and we all need it to survive, but love can service if the peace inside is absent. You need to align it with no doubt because is real, every breath you take makes you stronger and aligned with the source.

Every breath you exhale all you worries and pain are released to the universe. When you breath become peace, your consciencess allows it self, it is only to peace that we can align to our purpose.

To overcome the light and move on we need to find our Chi. Allowing yourself to let peace recite inside where distraction will not interference.

When your sun race shines to everyone, the only purpose we have is to give light back to everyone so they can remember, we must be the sun, let the golden light that teaches us balance and how to shine.

We must be the light, because this is where we are going back. It is time to foster your Chi to share and all the love will be received. That lilght it is a gift that you must treasure and share.

Make sure the world knows that existe within all of us.

Sparkle your light beautiful souls!!

Always with love and gratitude.



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