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Expanding Boundaries: Embracing Compassion and Divine Purpose "a Journey of Healings"

A journey of healings
A journey of healings

If I go beyond my limits to help someone: it is my internal voice calling me. It is a sign of going

beyond me limits, it is a clear sing for you. You need to unveiling the true meaning, it is

because," YOU" have an innate desire to heal and support others. listen to the music of you call,

by attuning yourself to the rhythm or melody of your own life's journey, fallowing your heart not

our mind.. In this journey of healing, I also uncover profound insights about my own existence. It is crucial to honor your own well-being, for excessive self-sacrifice can lead to exhaustion and


Remember, do not be swayed by the judgments of others, but instead hear the gentle whispers

of your heart's calling.. As the renowned spiritual writer, Rumi, aptly said, "You are not a drop in

the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop." Embrace your divine essence and extend

compassion, for you possess profound capacity to touch lives.

Sings are everywhere, scattered throughout outlive, waiting to be noticed and decode. by

being present in the moment and developing the ability to read these sings, we can unravel, and

solve their true meaning and again valuable insights for your journey.

You are healing yourself my friend., Be kind, it is your call, you are a divine being, I am grateful

and I want you to know that am here for you this time. Please don't rush, it not need to or make

fast decisions. those are the ones that leads you onto the wrong path, and perhaps are the patter

from you to think about it, it is a lesson that keeps repeating over and over again. it time to pay

attention to those signs that have a message for you.

Allowing anger or exhaustion to guide us it is essential to address and manage theses emotions

in healthier ways. by practicing self-care, seeking support from others, finding healthy outlets

for frustration, or engaging in stress-reducing activities that dont need to be rush. By maintaining emotional balance and managing our energy level, we can make better choices,

maintain healthier relationships, and achieve more positive outcomes in our short time on Earth.

Always with love and gratitud,

.Miriam Huizenga


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