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Changes are here:

Our Universe is currently undergoing a metamorphosis like we’ve never seen before and because the we are changing very rapely

Are you ready to change your life for better and better? Give yourselfthe vital gift of healing, renewal and reconnection with your essences. Learn to, open youir sacred heart and heal.

The energy is so intense as we speak like never before. I am happy an grateful becuase this in moment in time I am ready not only for me, but to help as well as mamy souls

I possible could help to heal and see the power that we all have within.

Rumy wrote "you have wishing you more love than you could ever undertand. Open your heart and quite your mind and you will see and feel the beauty of love.

Always with love and gratitud

~Miriam Huizenga

#Change #loveandlight #lightworker #selflove #Kindness #theray #mindset


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