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Become high frequency

Planting good seeds.

What you can do to become the high frequency?

I am talking about the balance that create harmony and perfect symphony into your life. The perfect frequency that created you.

Do no harm: avoid exposing people to additional risks through our action.

Do everything with honesty and integrity: being honest,having strong moral principles. A person with integrity behaves ethically and does the right thing, even when is plane or behind closed doors. for example: don't engage in gossip and If you make an X promise to someone, keep it.

Find your joy: in the simple things, begin to appreciate and be in state of gratitude will bring joy to your life. No matter what you're going through remmber all are experiences and lesson to learn or to keep moving. Be grateful always

By doing random acts of kindness: if you giving your best self to others without of promise of return, you will feel amazing. It's simply doing something nice for someone else, without them asking to do it for anything in return. Say "hi" to a extranger while you walking today, help someone quitetly.

Listen to uplifting music: that music that taught your core, the high frequency living will pulse the energy grid of our bodies, and as well affecting the energy of our Mother Earth, our planet. The music that bring tear to your heart is the sound of your soul.

Always with love and gratitude



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