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What is it that prevents us from asking for forgiveness?

Narcissism, fear of what they will say about us, my fault or pride, what is that stop us to say that we are wrong. I am sorry, I made a mistake, I was wrong, yes I am that way, I need to change , I am working on... What does it depend on when becoming aware of the damage committed, the emotion of guilt, shame or pride appears within one? An important reason, which does not exhaust other possible ones, is the level of narcissism that exists in the individual's personality.

What do you think, why is hard to say please forgive me, I lie, I made a mistake, I am learning...

Why should you forgive others and yourself? may be you think that Is forgiving someone letting them off the hook?

it is nothing to do with wing or loose. The stages of forgiveness is just another lesson to learn. When you forgive someone and or yourself you grow spiritually and mentally you will great about yourself and others.

Always with love and gratitude,



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