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A new season begins

Hoping you all have been enjoying the end of your summer

It is that time of the year to find new spaces for everything. As we soon evolve into the fall season the change of seasons is always an opportunity to reestablish our priorities and best hopes and start a fresh new chapter. Time to clean before the holiday season, and the end of the year.

September- October It is the time of the year that I personally clean the clutter and begin to donate to different charities, to the local Salvation Army and thrift store or Goodwill .

Begin slowlly room by room. I usually begin with the bathroom by donating my old towels and wash clothes to a local animal shelter., the .animals won't mind if they're discolored.

Also, the shelter accepting old rugs, and toilet seat covers to use as bedding.

I fill those unwanted cosmetic bags with unopened samples and other toiletries and donate them to my local women's shelter.

Closet by closet and room by room until I get to the garage. I have surplies building materials from the last home proyects, such as lumber, old tiles, plumbing supplies, and paint that I was storage for touch upps.

My husband takes some supplies to the local "Habitat for Humanity"' which are all around the world, and sometimg they even accept furniture such as wood tables, sofas, and appliances, some fixtures and even if they are old and broiken they have someone else to fix it.

Remmeber, what not longer serves you may be gold for others. Cleaning and declutter give space to new door to open and breathe fresh new energy. After all the work you will feel lighter and happier .

Always with love and gratitude.



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