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"Do it from your heart"





It is your time to heal your heart - It is safe

Are you ready to let go the old patters...?

                                            Are you truly interesting in begin to evolve- awake? 

                       Do you want to feel the truth love that was seeded it on your heart by our creator

                                                                        "Do it from your heart"

 It's for those beautiful people that are ready to see and feel  what lies inside of them, way deep in our hearts.    Experience a differnt Healing Meditations and Cacao Ceremony: with different breathing techniques, and much  more...


                        "Work Your Sacred Heart"

         Place: Mater Dolorosa Passionist Retreat Center 

         700 Sunnyside Ave, Sierra Madre, CA. 91024.

         Price : $188.00 dollar per person

         Payment: via PayPal under services page

         I am looking forward to see you there.







* What people saying about Miriam Events  

Getting closer, can’t wait. You are one of best thing that has happened in my life. You have helped me so much

the last few weeks. I can see the light now as I was in a dark hole of uncertainty before. I am getting things done for a change and don’t spend my day laying in bed and looking at the ceiling like I did for the last few years.

I can’t wait to meet you in person. You are my angel and I love you forever. You treated me like a friend and family and not like a customer as others did. Your goal was not money as others were, you sincerely wanted to help me and you did. I always wondered if there is anyone in this world that wanted to help me other than making money when I reached out to them but no one cared, they didn’t spend one minute extra of their time talking to me because I had only paid for certain block of time but you did. You didn’t leave me because that’s how much the session cost, you stuck around and talked to me till I was ok.You are one of a kind. You are a precious diamond.

         You are a God sent and I am forever grateful

           ~Taiba Amiri

The meditation led by Miriam today on 14jul21 was very nourishing, uplifting and empowering. It was quite unique as a group healing session. Her calling in of the beings was specific and appropriate. I felt one group

come in and work on me. I felt vibrations throughout my head and my arms. The second group of beings that came in brought a blue light and frequency that was different to the first. The descriptions that Miriam gave of some of what the beings were doing enhanced and verified what I was experiencing and was so beautifully described. I definitely felt like healing was taking place and still feel some of the healing is still working itself out after the session. Miriams voice has a frequency that keeps me calm, safe and able to surrender to the whole process without any trepidation at all. This added to the whole experience. Miriam could sing a nursery rhyme and still

get real results - her frequency is so perfect for these types of group meditations.

     Thank you,

      -Darren Wagstaff


Cacao Ceremony
Open your heart Services
Do it from your heart workshop
Let in go of the old
Miriam at the Workshop 'DO IT FROM HYOUR HEART"

   More info about the ceremony  please check CEREMONIES PAGE  

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