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Give yourself the vital gift of healing, renewal, and reconnection with your essence.

Cacao Ceremony:  California- USA

 Miriam offers Cacao Ceremonies during her workshops. "Do it from your heart " or private groups sessions.

 Cacao Ceremony is an old traditional healing and sacred ritual that has been used in ancient ceremonies by the South Americans biggest civilizations, "the Mayas" for thousands  of years. It has an active ingredient in it called theobromine 100% pure cacao known as the “Food of the Gods.”

Cacao Ceremony

San Pedro Ceremony :  Peru

San Pedro: often called "Wachuma," is a cactus that’s native to the Andes and known to have been used by pre-Inca civilizations for up to 4,000 years. The active component found in this medicine is mescaline, and the nature or personality of this plant is perceived by many as the masculine grandfather spirit. It’s often depicted as having the spirit of the hummingbird.

Used to help perceive our self-created barriers and limitations, this medicine greatly aids in opening and connecting with our hearts. Each ceremony is a meeting with ourselves, Mother Earth, and the Divine, serving as a medicinal mirror to help us see where we hold onto self- limiting beliefs and patterns in our lives, gently guiding us to release what no longer serves us. San Pedro ceremonies are performed with psychological preparation and physical cleansing.

San Pedro or Wuchuma

Ayahuasca Ceremony: Peru

Ayahuasca :is an ancient visionary curative medicine that comes from the Amazon. It’s traditionally used in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil. Ayahuasca has two main components, one of which is the Ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi). The spirit and character of Ayahuasca is divinely feminine, perceived as a woman.


This visionary plant medicine is often called “the purge,” as it helps us cleanse our physical, emotional, energetic,and spiritual bodies through a powerful releasing process. This medicine moves through the

body, activating and awakening our sleeping energies.

When these energies are activated, they’re expressed in different ways and are ultimately removed from the body. The purge process can take innumerable forms, commonly through tremors, vomiting, diarrhea, strong emotions, tears, yawns, laughter, breath, and more.


Ceremonies that involve deep physical and energetic cleaning and cleansing often precede ceremonies with deep vision and light. The journey is often difficult to understand in the moment. 


However, with the benefit of hindsight and integration, the deep wisdom of the plants reveals itself in time. It’s commonly understood that  medicine will give you what you need and what you want.

Ayahuasca heals the spirit and also teaches us what's necessary for us to know, guiding us understand our spiritual world.


Prior to the Ayahuasca ceremony session it is extremely importante to participate in the preparation diet and stimulation.


Despacho offering Ceremony: Peru 

Mother Earth (Pachamama) is benevolent, respected, adored, and loved by the Andean people. In Inca mythology, Pachamama is the goddess of fertility and the mother of everything on the planet. 

A Despacho offering to Pachamama allows us to give thanks for all that we have received and its generosity, creating a feeling of harmony and gratitude with nature and letting her know that we have an unconditional love for mother earth and the spirits within us. 


This offering is one of the most beautiful and respected Inca ceremonies. 

Ceremmony Mamapacha

Coca Leaf Reading: Peru

The Coca Leaf Reading Ceremony has been a spiritual practice since pre-Inca times, when people needed to make important decisions related to their family, the planting season, predicting the weather, etc. The coca leaf was always considered as an element of peace, wisdom and magic. It was also used in healing or diagnostic methods. “Mama Coca” is an essential element in ceremonies or offerings, because it channels contact with spiritual beings of the Andean world.



* Attention: for each ceremony you will get  instructions by Medicine Man

will give to fallow for your own safety. 

   Special diet will be giving to you privately via e-mail : One or two weeks before the ceremony

it is your absolutely responsibility and decision to follow. 

Please read carefully the DISCLAMER FOR EACH TRIP

    (available only when you register for the journey)

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