Darren Warren

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The frequency of the healing meditation was one of love and care carried through from near enough the start of the meditation and throughout.

The bringing in of the light into the room was described differently having the effect of being showered in the light from above which was carried through

to being bathed in healing waters in the activation part of the meditation. Amazing descriptions of activations my heart loved it from start to finish.

A great experience.!!   Thank you Miriam.

Michelle E.-Cunningham

Miriam was great at listening to my situation and providing solutions that will give me ongoing pain relief. Wish I had reached out to her sooner!


Kathy Levyn

Miriam is a beautiful soul that eminates peace and love. A bright light that you will want to be connected with.

Taiba Amiri  

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Wow!! What an amazing soul and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to connect with you. You brought me out of this deep hole of misery I was in just in one session. Can’t wait for the next session and to meet you in person soon. God bless you.

Patricia Lamoureaux  

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I have had th highest honor of experiencing the strength, love and healing powers of Miriam. I highly recommend any opportunity you can encounter with Miriam . I experienced more restful sleep than I have had in a very long time. Within a day I felt I was healing from the healing gift of Miriam. Her love and kindness is there for you. I would gratefully receive her healing help whenever possible. She can pass her wisdom to you. I feel blessed to know her. I am thankful.

Ed Harris  

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I always feel clearer and better after a healing session with Miriam. For example today I felt beautiful inside my body after our session.

Mirna Clay 

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I feel great, I just came back from a 9 hour day and I was telling my husband how good I feel even at the end of my day. I have a knee replacement. And has been hurting lately today it was amazing.

Thank you.

Victoria Clay 

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To whom it may concern. Miriam puts her whole heart into her healings. She truly cares about other beings and their upliftment. Just want to add that Miriam has helped me overcome several addictions. Marijuana, alcohol and coffee (I drank coffee every day for 20 years!). It took several sessions and she did not give up on me. I have tried many other avenues to let these things go but the cravings always pulled me back in. Her healings have reduced the cravings to almost nonexistent and her support of checking on me every day has made a tremendous difference. Thank you Miriam for everything you have done to help me!

Fabian Barone

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Thank you Miriam!!! You have given us great peace and peace and a better life to the family after the accident. 

Lesa Roxann Bisplinghoff 

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I had a energy healing last night I felt so relaxed slept like a baby and I'm feeling great today physically and mentally thank you again love ❣

Luciana L.

Miriam una persona maravillosa que nos ha ayudado mucho toda nuestra familia💕 Gracias por espiritualidad y tanto amor (Translated by Google) Miriam a wonderful person who has helped us a lot our whole family 💕 Thank you for spirituality and so much love

Carol Gignoux,

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I want to thank you again for our session this past Saturday. I have felt better and more like myself ever since:) And in particular I loved how you described my dog Scooby Do wrapping me in white light. Thanks so much again and best wishes as you continue your work healing others.

 Carol Gignoux, M.Ed.